The only pickguard I make is for the Super-Sonic guitar. It's one of my retirement hobbies.

Hi.  My name is Rick Hubka from Chemainus BC Canada.  I spent most of my working years as a Computer Programmer for Government and Oil companies.  Now I’m retired and I spend my days as a guitar builder, player, woodworking, CNC and recently 3D Printing.  These used to be my after work hobbies.  I have a nice well-equipped workshop.  7 years ago I built my own CNC machine to make my own guitar necks.

Five years ago a friend gave me a badly beaten up 1997 Squire Super-Sonic Guitar with pieces missing.  After a year of looking at it in the corner I decided to put some pickups and pots in it and fix the wiring. 

Then I decided to replace the yellowed and scratched pickguard.  I could not find anybody who made or sold a 1996-1997 super-sonic pickguard.  So since I had a CNC machine and an original pickguard to scan, I made a few super-sonic pickguards of my own.  Then on some of the guitar forums I belong to I saw members who could not find super-sonic pickguards so I put a few up for sale on eBay and Reverb.

After 4 years I have sold just over 200 super-sonic pickguards.  Yes its just 1 a week.  But I have made a lot of super-sonic guitar players very happy and my wife does  not get as mad when I bring home another case of beer.

I hope you enjoy my website with it’s super-sonic guitar images.
Cheers and Stay Safe my friends!

Rick Hubka