i make all 3 year/models of super-sonic pickguards in one of 7 different colors.


Frequently Asked Questions.

No.  All 3 models have different pickup hole shapes and sizes with the 2013 being the most different.

No.  I am a small garage shop selling only super-sonic pickguards.  I can’t afford to have a huge inventory like bigger shops that make hundreds of different pickguard styles.  Right now I carry 7 colors.  If sales increase I will add 2 more colors.  My supplier only gives me a discount when I order 20 of each color.  As you will agree, ordering 20 to make 1 sale just does not work.

Yes.  I have done several of these.  You must provide pickup hole height and width as well as the distance between mounting screws from the screw center.  Also pickup placement/angle needs to be agreed on and you may have to remove wood under the pickguard for it to fit.  We will email back and forth several times on these.  I usually spend one to 2 hours extra on these requests.

Simple request like no switch hole and only the bridge pickup take me no time at all.

I usually make and ship pickguards the next business day.  Then shipping is usually 10 to 12 days with tracking.

Yes.  If you request new screws be included I include them at no charge.